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Resources for Educating Global Citizens

Thursday, December 11, 2014


It's Computer Science Education Week and part of this should be exploring the fact that the world, and work force, are globally-connected and cross-cultural.

You can find some programs and resources that help to Educate Global Citizens here at Pearson Labs' site: http://labs.pearson.com/educating-global-citizens-theres-an-app-for-that/

Here is a summary of some of the resources:

  • programs that train students to collaborate with non-local students to come up with 20 solutions to globally relevant problems
    • National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)’ Challenge 20/20
    • Chris Stevens Youth Network (CSYN)’s iEARN-USA
  • programs that help students create international bookclubs and wikispaces
    • Flat Connection’s Edmodo
  • programs that help students learn the universal language of code
    • Code.org’s Hour of Code
  • programs that help students make their own educational apps
    • Paadlet Backback
    • Mural.ly



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