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Social Media for Business (4) - 3 Tips to Become a Lead Generation Magnet on Social Media

Sunday, October 19, 2014

If you are in business, then you want to generate leads. It is like saying "sun rises everyday" or what I often call a "duh sentence"!

Yes, all businesses strive to generate massive leads but some of them often drag old lead generation techniques from traditional marketing drop them into social media marketing! That's a huge mistake and the fastest recipe for failure. So, how can you do it right?

Tip 1: Focus on Brand Awareness BEFORE Lead Generation

Social media has the "Do NOT bore me to tears with your sales pitch!" sign written all over it! Therefore, your social media lead generation strategy should be warm, subtle and long-term. In fact, if you are SMM newbie, do NOT focus on lead generation in the beginning. Instead, try to boost your brand awareness by consistently offering high quality and educational content. This will eventually translate into massive lead generation. In other words, effective brand awareness = long-term lead generation

Tip 2: Think of Social Media as a Three-step Advertising

Once you established yourself as a sought after expert in your field and managed to build a high level of trust with whom I like to call hot prospects,you will automatically gain permission to market to your social media networks/ contacts. I strongly believe that SMM, in essence, is the ultimate three-step advertising mechanism. First, you need to mingle and engage with your niche market by LISTENING to their needs. Second, you will consistently offer AWESOME solutions to which they would give rave reviews like: "Aha! I didn't know that before" or "Yeah, it really worked!".

Having said that, I am definitely not asking you to spill all your beans or throw all your cards on the table because if you do, you will have nothing to sell! But if you managed to figure out one small thing that your niche is hungry for and hand it to them, you will build the expert image instantly.

Finally, the door will be wide open for you to market your services to your devoted fans. If you master these 3 steps, lead generation will be a piece of cake and sales generation will follow.

Tip 3: Not Sure What to Say? Spy on your Competitors

For this tip to work, you need to invest some time in figuring out which of your key competitors is playing the social media game well and follow their tracks. You may subscribe to their blogs, follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their newsletters, you name it. The rest is easy: learn how they interact and engage with your niche, what messages are they sending, and above all, how they are creating the expert image.

Start mimicking them in the beginning, keeping in mind that you will outperform them once you learn the ropes.

The thing about SMM is that it does require hard work and patience in the beginning which could be a major turnoff for the ones after instant results. Do NOT fall into this trap. Dive into the SMM deep sea slowly but surely. You will be happy that you did!



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