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Geddit - web based student response system

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Geddit is a free, web based student response system, available on any device, that allows teachers to quickly gauge student understanding. Students use the app and indicate their level of understanding on a 1-5 scale. This formative assessment lets teachers know if they can move on or not. Feedback is private and real time. You can also use multiple choice and short answer assessments.

There is a Chrome app also for Chromebooks, as well as it being web-based.

Do students understand

Check understanding

It was designed, and used, by a teacher and it is easy to sign up and use. You create an account with Geddit and your students create an account with Geddit. They can use their Google account, which makes it easy for GAFE schools. Then the teacher shares the class code with them and off you go.

The site has great getting started and help resources too, including classroom posters to help your students. 



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