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Is Our Electorate Educated Enough to Vote for the Right Politicians - Are There Any?

Monday, July 21, 2014

We seem to have far too many politicians who are moving our nation in the wrong direction, and far too many that have done questionable acts, which we learn about after a tip or a lengthy investigation. Why? Is it our fault for voting them into office, are we smart enough to see through the political rhetoric and do proper research prior to voting? Not long ago, an acquaintance reminded me of a famous quote, "The best republic is an educated one," and he noted; "How many people that vote did their research?"

Indeed, great question and great comments, but today most people's idea of research is watching the news, staged debates, a few speeches and suddenly they think they've done their research and they are ready to run out and vote for someone who just made up things and told people what they wanted to hear - pure political trickery.

You see, folks read the newspaper, watch TV, listen to sound bites, and text their friends and think they are somehow educated to vote, but in reality they've been conditioned to accept that as reality, when it is nothing more than "last liar wins" and "he with the most advertising and TV commercials wins" and that is a problem. In that case we may as well allow all the Media Moguls to sit around a table and decide who they want to lead the nation, because he who controls the media controls the minds of the people.

The Internet and social media is having everyone believe that they can vote away any adversity, including hard work, personal responsibility, etc. and they demand things using mob mentality. Any politician who wants to be elected has to become a podium pushing promiser to get elected, but in trying to deliver on those promises pushes our nation into a worsened situation; financially and leading to less responsibility from the citizenry - again, unacceptable.

Yes, the old adage is correct; "The Republic really is stronger when the electorate is educated," question is what do people consider education, and what sort of research are they really doing before they caste their votes? Inquiring minds want to know.



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