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The Top 4 Social Media Platforms for Business

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Social media marketing enhances online applications to promote, share and even discuss information. It encompasses micro blogs, forums, blogs and involvement in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Small and big businesses can use social media apps in attracting more traffic to their site, increase brand awareness and generate buzz about services and products. Even the most popular apps are for free which can be a great benefit to many small businesses that are on limited budgets.

Develop a blog to educate your online network and develop public expertise.

The word 'blog' originally came from web log. Blogs enable businesses to educate consumers and develop an expertise in the eyes of the public. When these blog posts are designed for search engine optimization and promoted in many social media channels, they can drive more visitors to your site.

Utilize Twitter in creating brand awareness.

Twitter is a form of micro blogging service where users can publicly communicate in 140 characters or maybe less than that. The tweets can be seen by the user's followers or by anyone who visits his individual page. Businesses can utilize Twitter in enhancing brand awareness and promoting their products/services. However, blatant sales pitches don't work well with Twitter. According to studies, followers are more receptive to the sharing of educational tools, informative links and answering tweeted questions.

Market your business online with Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites today. Facebook is perhaps known for its personal profiles but its Fan Pages are slowly getting dominance as business profiles. Businesses can now share news, events, promotions and deals, videos and photos. Fans can also write on the wall, ask for help, give out testimonials and so much more. Facebook lets page administrators promote pages through badges, ads and fan boxes.

Use LinkedIn in expanding professional networks.

LinkedIn is a famous social networking site for professionals. Users are able to post resume profiles and even receive recommendations from clients, colleagues and partners. It is an efficient way for business owners to find fitting employees, identifies many business opportunities and expand their network.

While social media outreach can be inexpensive, it does need consistent and long term commitment. Before integrating social media effort into your marketing plan, small business owners should learn how to slowly begin a social media campaign on their own. You need to choose the right apps that will align to your company vision, mission and goals. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among the top social media platforms used by many businesses today.



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