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Social Media Marketing: Are You Doing It the Right Way?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

While all of us are busy being Social and building relationship across different Social Media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on, it's time we should question ourselves whether we are putting all our efforts the right way. It's really enjoyable to be Social on the web. Tweeting and posting on Facebook all day long and then having a few mentions and likes makes us feel really happy. But is that all we are looking for? Is that capable of generating a handsome ROI? Do we plan and organize our Social Media efforts to meet our goals and objectives or are we just doing the Social thing just because everyone else is doing the same? Conversation or Engagement is the key element of Social Media. But just being talkative will not help much when it comes to marketing. Following are the few key question you should ask yourself to make sure you are performing Social Media Marketing and nothing else.

Are you relevant? Are your tweets worth following? Is your Facebook page worth a like?
In Social Media, sharing is everything, provided you are sharing the right thing. Make your posts relevant to your business. Then the type of audience your content attracts, will definitely be your target audience. Let people know that you are specialist in your own field by sharing relevant and valuable things. Maintain relevancy across all networks to prove your worth.

Are your Social Media efforts targeted? Are the people you are talking to would help you meet your business objective?
Conversation is the key to success in Social Media. But make sure you are talking to the right people. Find targeted people to have a conversation with. Only they can be converted to prospects and can help you achieve your business goals.

Are you having an engagement? How often the people who like your Facebook page share something on your Facebook page or comment on your Facebook posts?
Its not important to be followed by thousands of tweeps on Twitter or having thousands of 'Likes' on your Facebook page. To make them engaged with your content and making them visit your posts/blog over and over again is the main thing you should try to achieve. Returning Visitors or Loyal Visitors should be the goal!

How much influence do you have on your audience? Are you able to attract your audience and draw them closer to your sales funnel?
Try to socialise in such a way that your audience value you. Try to nourish them with different content first and gradually draw their focus on the things you are marketing.

Are your posts content rich? Are you able to educate and inspire your target audience to connect to you?
In Social Media, your content does it all. From educating your audience about your offerings and finally inspiring them to become your fan/customer is something to be done with content only, nothing else.



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