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Social Media is a Consumer Generated Media

Monday, April 28, 2014

Almost every organization having large public interfaces such as an University, NGOs, Government, traditional media companies are working deeply to understand how to adapt and use Social Media effectively for achieving their goals. Alongside the mass community of people online, both generations 'X' and 'Y', are discovering how social media technology can perk up their lives and give them more connectivity based on their interest in the world.

In this interesting time, we should enhance the understanding of the information ecology of these new publication methods in order to make them more useful, dependable and truthful.

Participatory media are primarily 'many to many' communications (Wikipedia).

Steve Ruh and Frank Magallon from San Diego State University indicate the Military currently is involved in studying the potential of using social media for some of its internal communication campaigns.

This consumer-generated media or user-generated media is now playing a pivotal role for companies to quickly learn about the feedback of their consumers in response to their products and services.

Various universities are now leveraging blogs to facilitate alternate education models based on informal learning. Educationist are starting to believe that it can be a great tool for its students as it give access to resources, experts and personalities. They found social media very much interactive for association with professional communities, sharing enthusiasm of common interests and for peer based social learning as well.

Students are sharing experiences with the members of 'communities of interests'. To continue being relevant to society, university education cannot ignore this new industrial phase that accommodate mixed social realities. Also many of the benefits of institutional learning can now be accomplished via social media.



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