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The Traffic Bandits Media Buying Course

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This kind of education is second to none when it comes to media buying. The traffic bandits have years of experience under their belts and I believe it takes years to learn effective ways to online media buying. These top 5 traffic bandits have built proven strategies to dominate any affiliate advertising campaign in any niche you can think of. This exclusive group is going to blow your socks off with their first member training session that will start to unveil the drapes of how they started their journeys to making thousands of dollars on the internet.

The traffic bandits members area is for all levels of marketers whether your 10 years in or your just starting to build your first website. The information the traffic bandits is going to put out is going to interest everyone who wants to learn and master their powerful techniques. This training is going to be ongoing for many months ahead as they have built a business to teach others the same methods they are using to generate thousands of dollars. With THE TRAFFIC BANDITS you will be getting an education for pennies on the dollar compared to a University. Getting an online marketing degree can run you $20,000 or more! With The Traffic Bandits you will be paying a fraction of that price for the same information that will empower you to skyrocket your business!

Scott Rewick is defined as a modern day pioneer of affiliate marketing and high volume media buying. In his early years in 1999 Scott c0-founded an affiliate network, Metareward Inc. which designed and developed online marketing tools for web publishers and people involved in direct marketing. He sold this to Experian in 2004 for a whopping 30 million. He went on to co-found another direct marketing program monster, Netblue Inc. Scott routinely spent $200k-$300k per day buying online media. They offer direct marketing programs on the internet and as of July 2006 Netblue Inc. was acquired by Connexus Corporation. More recently Scott was President and CEO of AdEx, which is a public lead generation company, doing over $23M in revenue in its first year. He now specializes in buying media for high-level-clients in the Corporate and Marketing space with his company, Cranking Media.

Scott Rewick knows there are to many myths around media buying and to much misinformation out there that he wants to set the record straight and open this incredible strategy to anyone! The Traffic Bandits is a course that reveals in depth case studies of 5 of the most successful affiliates that are using media. These in depth case studies will give you every piece of information necessary to begin to replicate their success.



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