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Social Media Tips - Using LinkedIn to Develop Your Career Plan

Thursday, February 13, 2014

During the past few years the social media sites have assisted Americans in finding information to battle the economy crisis. This crisis has affected many people from different social, economic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. As a result the housing market has hit an all time high with foreclosures, major banks closed down, and the unemployment rate continue to rise. Because of this calamity many people have had to make a career changes, explore different opportunities, just to survive this economic storm.

As one make this transition into a new career, or start a business there are some social media tools that are essential to be successful. Before you get in the rat race looking for a job, facing the disappointment to discover there are no jobs available like your former employment, take a moment to organize your current skills, by developing a professional portfolio. The portfolio is collection of documents in a notebook binder that includes personal data (ex. Birth certificate, photo ID, proof of citizenship etc.), work experience, samples of work, awards, reference letters and educational background.

The above information should be updated as you progress in your career. Using social media sites like LinkedIn, you can locate relevant information to assist in the development of your career plan.

The next valuable tool is completing a comprehensive personal worksheet. This worksheet is a compilation of information that list in detail your personal data, work or military experience, honors/awards, education, professional training, certifications, and special skills. This data when used properly will help in developing resumes, filling out applications and give support in preparing for job interviews.

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