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Social Media Marketing - Putting Yourself Out There

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Social Media Marketing: Let's face it, this is where internet marketing is headed.

And if you don't adapt and learn how to properly use it, you can expect not to have the level of success of those that have educated themselves on the topic and are putting it to proper use.


It describes using social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Better Networker), blogs, forums, etc.; for the use of creating leads, branding & customer service.

Social Media Marketing, unlike tradition intrusive advertising (TV & radio ads, print ads, etc.), puts the market place in control.


It allows them the ability to instantly express themselves and voice their opinion!

And that gives the market place, the ability to have a major impact on the success rate of your brand or product.


It's this freedom of expression and instant feedback, that causes all of those, who struggle with Social Media Marketing or chose to avoid it all together, too remain faceless and nameless.

As a result, never building their brand and online presence.

They chose to remain anonymous because it "Eases" the pain, of the negative feedback from the community.

For me the pain was part of my growing and learning process.

The first time I posted on Twitter, I was greeted with a barrage, of negative feedback. As a result, I didn't post anything on Twitter for another 2 months.

This happened to me, simply because I never educated myself on what Social Networking is all about....


Social Media Marketing, requires building trust and relationships. And this is where many are falling short.

You gain this trust, by cultivating relationships with members of the community.

And that starts with allowing them to see "WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU"RE ALL ABOUT"!

This is accomplished by:

  • Providing a detailed profile
  • Sharing photos & videos
  • Adding relevant content & discussion
  • Offering real value to the community
  • Being transparent

All of these things start the relationship building process. But so many marketers fail to understand the importance of building trust and relationships when using Social Media Marketing.


The bottom line is this, Social Media Marketing is here to stay! If you want to prosper online, you have to learn how to properly use it and "Put yourself out there".

Just remember this and it will make the learning process much easier, all you're doing is making friends!



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