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Taking Advantage of the Social Aspect of Social Media

Saturday, January 11, 2014

You have been very consistent and regular about posting your content (and syndicating it to the appropriate people). Your articles are educational and useful. It is also important that your interactions have a large social element to them.

The main theme of your online postings is your branding and you want to communicate about your business offerings so that everyone understands how you can help them and how your products and/or services can enhance their experience. However, your approach online is extremely important and it is critical that you don't forget the "social" in social media. Good, solid communication with your online connections is what it is all about. Social media interactions are never one-sided. The more you interact, the easier it will be to eventually reach your business goals.

Link to influencers, solid resources, videos, etc

Your posted content should not only be well-written and extremely useful to other people but it should also link to your resources and other information that will prove valuable to your readers. The fact that the links that you put into your content will lead people away from your business is not a bad thing. It demonstrates that you are not merely showing a narrow perspective but that you are offering a broader and more comprehensive and fair one.

Ask and answer questions

If your readers are kind and considerate enough to post comments and ask questions, you have an obligation to interact with them. Not only is it polite behavior but it also humanized all of the people who are involved in the interactions. The content that will be generated from those interactions will absolutely be valuable to you and you can use it in future content. You can also draw ideas from the interactions. Good ideas come from so many different places.

Share content that deserves to be shared

If you read content that another person has posted that you think will be valuable to others, by all means share it. The content will be appreciated and the idea that you shared it will be considered favorably by others.

Get involved with discussions

You should regularly check out other people's discussions so that you can get involved. Your perspective and expertise will be greatly appreciated and you will be strengthening your position in your online communities as a subject matter expert. Your ultimate goal is to get people to automatically think of you when they need help with something in your particular niche.

Make worthwhile contributions

With social media interactions, it can never be about the hard sell. You have many interesting and valuable things to say and people are just waiting for you to say them. It is important to make it interesting and exciting. Injecting some humor is always appealing and you can definitely get your point across while making it compelling at the same time. In fact, people will definitely remember you better if you use that approach. It is very important that you show your human side. People (all people) respond emotionally and it is important that you show them that you are human also.


As a business owner, of course you want to educate other people online about your offerings. At times, you may forget about the social aspect of social media. It is important to always keep that in your sight. Engaging other people online allows you to build your relationship with them and the more you engage them, the more they will want to interact with you. You and your online connections will be better and wiser for having connected on a very real level and establishing a relationship that will live for a very long time. The social aspect of social media is exactly what enables you to cultivate relationships with people that will eventually allow you to do business and increase revenue.

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