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Social Media Marketing - Keep Your Promises With Your Social Media Contacts Personal Information

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everyone has signed up for something then forgot about at least once. Then when the email arrived from the site where you signed up arrived you thought you were being spammed. This has happened to all of us! When you use social media for your business it's important that you do your very best to be remembered. No one wants to be labeled as a spammer.

Here are four tips that will keep you on the good side...

Be fair and transparent. When you're asking for information from people, from your site, be sure to let them know what you're going to use it for. Have a privacy policy that is easy to understand. Don't fill it full of legal mumbo jumbo. Create one that's easy to understand. There are lots of samples out there. Take a look at what other people are using, and modify to suit your needs. Create what fits best with the way you use their information. You definitely want to make sure that you tell people what you are going to use the information for, and if you tell people that you're never gong to sell or give their information away to anyone, then don't.

Put yourself in their shoes. How would you like it, if someone went in and farmed all of the information you have in your Facebook profile and then started bombarding you with ads and promotions and trying to sell you stuff? You wouldn't like it, would you? Make sure you look at what you're doing with the private information of people from their perspective. Answer the question "how would you like it, if different things were done to you", and are you doing things within your own business that people will continue to know, like, and trust you as a businessperson?

Educate.Your site and your offer may be the first time someone is going to buy something on the web. Be sure to let them know each and every step you want them to take. Make it easy for people to get your free offer. Watch the people who have very successful online and offline businesses. They are providing tons of information for free in order to educate their potential customers and clients. You can do the same thing.

Create Your Own Privacy Policy. With your own policy, posted on your website you will let people know just exactly what you are going to do with their information. The added benefit of having your policy posted on your website is that you are following the requirements of Google, which will help your ranking.



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