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How to Market Your Products and Opportunities on Social Media

Friday, January 3, 2014

Two days ago I was listening to Dani Johnson's training on Instant Customer's Goldmine. It's a sales training audio where she is teaching how we can create a massive income from the product we are selling. On her training she said that we can make most of our sales from our warm market not in cold market. So how we can turn these cold markets into warm market? The answer is simple, build a relationship and create influence on those people. Find their needs, strength, and goals then have a moral obligation to help them in their situation through your opportunity. Get the dollar sign out of your mind, provide pure value to people. People will know if you are truly sincere or you are just making money out of them.

In terms of Social Media, I suggest that you stop spamming people with your sales messages, products and opportunities in your Social Media community. For one reason, when you do this; you already lose your posture. You become a sales man who is doing fliers inside the malls, grocery stores, and park except that you only make it in cyber space. Always keep in mind that we are not in sales, we are business builders so our prospects needs us.

Second reason, network marketing is all about building relationship not just selling to people. Always remember this important rule, "people buy from you not because of your product, services and opportunities but because they trust you." So it is important to build a rapport, trust and friendship in your social media community.

In this way, you are already turning your suspects into prospects or making cold prospects to warm prospects.

Now the QUESTION is how will you market your products and opportunities to people on your social media community and what are the steps?

Here are some tips that I'm going to show you.

1. Add anyone on your account. When they accepted your request just say thank you and leave a message but no pitching of opportunities and products yet because you are building rapport, trust and friendship. You need to gain their trust first! Here's one of my script is, "Thank you for accepting my request, it's great to be connected with you" or "it's great to be connect with great people in the home business industry." Connecting people in social media is like when you are meeting new people when you are in a social gathering.

2. Send them your personal message through the Facebook chat box or through message composer, ask their contact information on Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Mobile Number. It is also important that you ask their email address. Exchange contact information with them.

3. Set-up your own business page (also known as Facebook Fan Page Profile) or any equivalent if you are using other social networking sites. Do not also forget to set-up a landing page on your business page. It is very important so you can capture other people's contact information. Ask them if you can send them to your business page.

4. Have an auto-responder set-up. So you can follow-up them through email. When making a follow-up on email, do not just pitch your products and opportunities you should also provide value to them. Remember the principle in internet marketing - provide value, value, value and value. Educate people about your industry, finances and breakthrough, testimony of people who succeed in the network marketing industry. The content per email must be ¾ education and ¼ only for sales message.

5. Call them, have a conversation with them about their interest. Let them talk, be a good listeners. Let them feel that they are very important. Be interested on them. Use F.O.R.M. (Family, Occupation, Recreation and then the Message will come out).

I also suggest that you purchase Magnetic Sponsoring - Black Belt Recruiting and Dani Johnson's Script Book to enhance your skill on calling and recruiting your leads.

There are lots of techniques to market your products and opportunities on Social Media. But one thing that you should not do is to spam people with your products and opportunities, always build relationship first with people on your Social Media community.



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