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2010 - Truly The Age of Social Media

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The dynamic nature of the internet has shown its true colours once again; 2010 is truly the age of Social Media and those savvy Internet Marketers who have kept up with the changes are now reaping the rewards.In fact it could even be said that Internet Marketing is turning into a social media stage show!

Only a year ago Google was 'King' for the Internet Marketer, who heavily relied upon Google 'AdWords' campaigns to create endless leads and sales, but then poof! - almost overnight the Google slap put paid to all of their efforts and thousands of Google loyalists were wiped out at the push of a button.

Now change is upon us and soon to go also will be the 'old school' 'MLMers' (multi level marketers) with their outdated recruiting tactics, and pushy sales methods and in their place the will be the 'new school' business models using 'attraction marketing' and GPT (get paid today) techniques.

Triumphantly, after learning the bitter consequences of 'putting all of one's eggs into one basket', the New Internet Marketer has been born again, but this time bigger, better, wiser and brighter than before.

This new breed of 'visible' and 'accessible' market leaders are now making their new stomping grounds the Social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Youtube; not really surprisingly as Facebook alone has over 300 million users, but these social media sites require a very different approach to doing business.

When using social media for business today, the new rules are: never lead with your business, and never try to force your opportunity or products down people's throats; in fact it's now thought of as bad etiquette and even considered to be spamming. So gone are the days of the pushy sales techniques, for these have been replaced by relationship building, positioning yourself as a leader and giving value to others first.

The new currency on the internet is having the education, skills and know how to create the brand 'YOU Inc' and those people who embrace these new rules and methods are rising from the ashes to the top of their niches as Social Media superstars.

Not surprisingly, it's those people who have sought out cutting edge marketing training who are faring best. New skills such as copywriting, article marketing, video creation and email campaigning, to name but a few are all being taught by the leading marketing education platforms. Learning all these skills without the necessary training would be a lengthy and probably costly process. But the good news is that the top Network Marketers are succeeding like never before, even amidst the present global recession and are providing coaching and training for newcomers to follow along in their footsteps.



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