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Buying Educational Toys

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A baby starts learning at home by playing with familiar objects and exploring new ones. Children learn more during their early formative years by playing with educational toys. As children play with toys, they acquire new skills and improve their existing ones. This learning phase is vital for formal learning in the later stages of a child's life. Many educational toys provide an enjoyable medium to learn effectively. It is important to buy educational toys after a careful assessment of what role it will play in educating your child

An educational toy can be anything that provides knowledge and develops skills for learning. Books, games, toys or animated movies are some examples of educational toys. A few toys that children enjoy are organic stuffed animals, dolls, block-games, cars and wooden toys. These toys are carefully designed and crafted to help shape young minds.

There are educational toys available on the market for all age groups. There are certain criteria to understand before buying any educational toy. The age of the child is of foremost importance. A one year old who is given blocks of numbers to play with will only shake or throw them, not understanding the potential for learning numbers. There is an orderly sequence of physiological and physical growth in children and educational toys have to be bought based on this sequence.

When children play, they are active and perform actions with their eyes, hands and bodies. They manipulate objects and often tend to explore the objects with all their senses. When a six-year-old child is given a set of trains, he starts assembling the track and the train, based on his perception of how a train looks. Without this opportunity to act on the toy, and to explore it with his senses, the learning process becomes restrictive.

There are many companies that advertise products through magazines, newspapers or television. The purchase of toys should be based on an assessment of their utility rather than their brand. A wise purchase can also be done after a personal survey of what is on the market, and by seeking advice from other parents or teachers who regularly buy educational toys.



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