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How to Sell New Media Products

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Print and other forms of traditional media companies are expanding their products and services to tap into the digital market. With everything from television to gaming systems going digital, it's not surprising that many traditional media organizations see the value of offering digital services to clients.

Even newspapers and magazines combine their advertising sales to include both print and digital runs, making new media sales jobs one in the same with traditional sales executive positions. Those working for even the oldest of traditional media companies are expected to promote both the standard print version and the internet version of advertising options to clients and are rewarded more generously for obtaining purchase orders that include both outlets.

As the digital trend continues to grow, so do the sales positions that require knowledge and skills in digital technology, products, and services. For this reason, more and more college students intending to go into the media industry are learning the skills necessary to perform well in new media sales jobs. This means that those currently working in sales will need to learn to sell new media products if they want to remain productive in the new market.

Learning the basics of all of the products and services you sell is a crucial part of being a good sales person regardless of what you might be selling. Jobs in new media sales are no different. In order to ensure that you are as successful as possible, you will need to familiarize yourself as best possible with the media services and products that you market to clients and potential clients.

Those sales people who know more than just the basics about the products and services they promote to clients are ultimately more successful than those who know only the basics. In other words, the more familiar you are with the technology, lingo, and potential benefits of new media, the better you will perform in new media sales jobs.

Selling a client on an idea or a product with which they are completely unfamiliar, or on which they have only limited knowledge, will require a lot of work on your part. You will need to educate the client on what the product or service will do for their company and the manner in which it accomplishes improved sales, brand recognition, or customer favor.

This means that new media sales jobs are just as much about educating the client as they are about selling a product or service. You will need to know enough about digital technology, traditional and new media integration, and the manner in which businesses can improve their own performance through the use of new media marketing campaigns.

Jobs in new media sales will challenge you to continue to learn throughout your career. As technology and digital services continue to advance, you will also be required to advance your knowledge in order to keep up. These jobs make for a challenging but rewarding career.



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