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Education Technology

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It is a fascinating time for schooling and technology. Educational technology is persistently enhancing and more typical spot within the classroom. Google 21st Century Classroom Presentation. You are going to come across universities moving to a various kind of surroundings. Is this great? Are there difficulties with adding interactivity and engaging materials inside the school room? These issues will not be answered in this article. This article is intended to educate you on what technologies is presently obtainable for schools. We are also going to stick using the 21st Century Class theme.

Educational Technology
  Engineering is the branch of understanding that deals with developing and utilizing technical procedures, such as resources and crafts, for interacting with existence, society, as well as the surroundings. Personal computers have certainly altered the way folks do just about anything, including how they manage private affairs, communicate; operate corporations, and how our youngsters are taught.

Document cameras, projectors and computers are turning out to be typical spot in the classroom. Document cameras are an amazing piece of technology utilized in education today. Many universities nonetheless use transparencies and overhead projectors. Projectors and interactive whiteboards are a should ever because the World Wide Web became obtainable. Multimedia, simulations, videos, maps, study, and so forth... Projectors allow for whole class understanding and engaging discussions that extend from a specific subject or skill.

Educators need to realize that student is much more secure typing up a paragraph around the computer instead of writing it over a piece of paper. These educators have to turn out to be component of the engineering revolution in order to be capable to integrate training technologies into their classrooms. Blogging, web layout, movie conferencing and joining on the web communities are just some of the methods educators can turn out to be much more familiar using the internet and technology era.

With a lot of new on the internet etiquette principles, preserving up with all the children becomes pretty a process for anyone who operates with them over an every day basis. Numerous times, college students tend to be more technologically innovative than the leader from the class. This poses a trouble in many ways. Teachers must step up for the challenge of attempting to stay a single step ahead from the game by reading trade journals and asking technology directors within their district for your newest technology news.

Becoming educated about trends will keep adults prepared to approach this new studying avenue with confidence.

"Technically speaking," academic technology, at times referred to as studying technology, is the study and practice of teaching and improving capabilities by building, using, and administering ideal technological processes and resources. Whether or not the chosen medium is a G.P.S device, an academic video clip, a metal detector, or even a computer, academic engineering provides for an enormous amount of interactivity. It permits faculty and college students to participate in dynamic demonstrations, simulations, and designs that can be utilized to explore and check theories.

Pre-paid Legal Services: Why Small Businesses Should Have Them

Saturday, June 18, 2016

If you are operating your own business, you cannot afford to go it alone when it comes to legal matters. The ever increasing complexities of law, spiralling costs of lawsuits and the proliferation of government red tape can land you in a lot of trouble.
Small Businesses
The flip of the coin is hardly attractive either! Hiring a lawyer can constitute a substantial financial investment many cash-strapped small businesses and entrepreneurs cannot sustain. Lawyers charge a minimum of $200 per hour when it comes to "business law" and it can get very costly if you are involved in lengthy legal procedures, complicated contracts or business transactions.

There may just be a glitter of hope in pre-paid legal plans. For a set monthly price, some legal providers are now bundling a whole suite of legal services especially tailored to the needs of small-businesses. Whether you need phone consultation on the legal complexities of a lease contract, or require legal representation during tax audits, a pre-paid plan can help you manage legal costs. An array of services is included as "standard coverage" at no cost to you in the plan, and any legal matters not covered can be provided with a discount on fees. Before you take the leap, you need to keep some caveats in mind. You need to know more about the quality of service you are likely to get. While lower fees do not necessarily infer lower quality of work, it is always necessary to bear in mind that legal specialization plays a crucial part and lawyers are not interchangeable. Ask for references from previous clients or ask entrepreneurs who've used the services of the provider about the quality of work they have received from them. Use your state bar association, service organizations in your locale and your local Better Business Bureau to research law firms and the background of the attorneys in the network before selecting them. Things to look for are the number of years they have been operating, complaints from previous customers, the education background of attorneys, professional track record and so forth. With the increasing amount of small businesses involved in litigation and fee disputes with their legal providers, I iss important to give some thought to alternative courses of actions when dealing with disputes. Ask your prospective provider about the way in which they settle disputes or complaints. Do they have an in-house procedure to deal with complaints, appoint a senior attorney to deal with such things or do you simply have to settle out of court?

How To Increase The Luck Factor In Your Success

Friday, February 12, 2016

How big is the luck factor when it comes to the amount of success you experience in your life? Many of us attribute any success in business or in other aspects of our lives to some 'mythical' luck factor. When you think about that what we are really doing is de-emphasizing our own involvement in any personal achievements we may have accomplished. I do not know about you, but I for one do not want to think I have little control over my own fate. I believe that each one of us is capable of achieving great success in our lives if only we apply ourselves. In fact this luck that we often attribute success to is something we can develop for use in our own personal pursuits.

Here are 3 ways in which we can increase our own luck factor to help us achieve any personal or professional goals we may have.

The Luck Factor


Achieving success in business or otherwise starts with first identifying what it is you want. By determining your goals you are now better able to prepare yourself to pursue them. Preparation is half the battle and although it may seem like just dumb luck when you see people succeed what you did not witness was the preparation involved.

With a greater focus on what it is you are striving for also comes the ability to recognize any opportunities that can help you achieve these goals when you see them.


As the saying goes 'practice makes perfect' and this is so true in every aspect of our lives. Outstanding athletes get that way through many long hours of practice as do successful business people. In order to excel at anything it is almost always necessary to commit yourself fully towards learning and mastering any and all of the skills involved.


The only thing true about becoming an 'overnight success' is that it takes commitment and perseverance over a period of time to achieve! There will be setbacks of that you can be sure but it is your willingness to work through the difficult and frustrating times that will ultimately set you on the path to great success.

Do not ever give up if you believe in what you are doing!

When we reference the luck factor that is involved in the success of ourselves or others it is important to understand this good fortune is something we can create. This realization helps people become aware how much control they have over their own fate. Whether it is success in business or in some other aspect of our lives we play the starring role in the creation of the luck involved in any personal achievements. You see luck is not something that happens just by chance but instead it is a coordination of circumstances which we can create and bring together. The 3 ways we spoke of above are efforts we ourselves can consciously put forth in order to create the luck we need to achieve the great success we seek.

Enable Dropbox Integration into your Chromebook File Manager

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

If you use a Chromebook, you are also using Google Apps and Google Drive as your file storage. But many people, myself included, also use Dropbox for file storage and backup. Dropbox, like Drive, allows you to sync and backup your files on any device and then access them online or via moible apps or the Windows/Mac clients. On a Chromebook, you used to have to go to the web interface, but now, thanks to a developer, you can access your Dropbox files right in your Chromebook File Manager Interface for easy access to all of your files.


Go to the app's page in the store here: File System for Dropbox. You install it like any other Chrome app or extension, but this one only works on devices running Chrome OS. Install it, click on the icon, mount your Dropbox. It will take you through authorizing it with your Dropbox account and then you are ready to go. Click on any file just as you would in any other way. 

CK-12 announces mobile apps with adaptive learning

Cover art
CK-12, a great resource for free e-textbook and curricular resources, has just announced new student mobile apps that provide you with the ability to learn math and science, anywhere, anytime. 

The apps, available for iOS and Android, are easy to use and contain over 100,000 adaptive practice questions that adjust in difficulty based on your results. In addition, if you struggle with a concept, it will recommend resources, like articles and videos, to help you. The resources are excellent. The dashboard shows you your progress.

This is a great way for students to study math and science concepts, whether for their own enrichment, extra help, or for studying. 

CK-12 - screenshot
CK-12 - screenshot thumbnail
CK-12 - screenshotCK-12 - screenshot


CK-12 has over 100,000 teacher created digital textbooks available for free

Paperwork - Evernote Alternative you can Host Yourself

Monday, March 30, 2015


Evernote is my go-to app for note taking, organizing files and clipping things off of the web. It is my main organizational tool. It works for me. I also using Google Keep for a lot of notes.

Not everyone likes it or wants to have another company have a hold of all of their data. That's where Paperwork comes in. It isn't as full featured as Evernote, but you can host it yourself and it does have some great features. You use notes, notebooks, tags and can upload multimedia files. There are not any mobile apps, yet, but you can access it on any web enabled device


Schools could use this to host their own note taking system, or as a tool for students to learn and manage themselves.

There is more info about it here on GitHub.


Evernote for Education Resources

Tips to Using Google Keep in Education
Lots of Great NoteTaking Apps and Resources


The Chromebook Help App - built in support on your Chromebook

Image result for help

Chromebooks are very easy to use, but there is a learning curve for some people as it does do things differently. The nice part is that they have their own built-in help app. This is useful for anyone from the tech newbie to teachers and students first learning to adapt to a Chromebook.

The "Get Help" app is right in the App Launcher and will open up the Chromebook Help app. It has user manual, tutorial, and tech support resources in it that you can browse or search through. There is also a "The "New to Chromebooks" section right at the top that provides some step by step directions for things that work a little different on a Chromebook, along with more in-depth topics.

There is also a "Fix a problem" section which offers troubleshooting support. In addition, there is a link to Chromebook Central, which is a Google-run help forum for Chromebooks. 

The app replacement section is great for finding web apps to replace what you did with a downloaded Windows or Mac app.

This is a great resource for schools that are starting up with Chromebooks and to share with new students and staff who have never used Chromebooks before. And, if you end up recommending a Chromebook to friends or family, make sure they know about this to help limit their support calls to you. 




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