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Learn How to Attain a Top Quality Health Care Education With an Online Health Care Degree

Thursday, July 24, 2014

There are a wide array of online health care degree programs available to the student these days. Health care facility or nursing home administration, various nursing degrees, as well as physician assistance, Nurse practitioner, even nurses aid, pharmacy technician, or health educator degrees are available.

For those who wish to pursue an education in health care of any variety you can typically find an online health care degree program that will suit your requirements for distance learning. Colleges with very prestigious names these days are offering online learning experiences in a wide variety of health disciplines to the student.

Advantages of Studying from Home

In many cases, and particularly when you are already in the workforce, traditional classrooms are harder to attend. When there are additional obligations such as home and family, very often the adult student has no alternative for career advancement or added education since finding time for the classes isn't always easy to accomplish.

Getting an online health care degree of any kind can advance your career.

The RN to BSN online health care degree for example offers advanced education and training to the technical RN in order to better prepare her for a position in public health nursing, in corporate nursing, or even as an assistant or director of Nursing in a health care facility. The addition of education and a more advanced degree opens new doors that would not have been possible for the RN just a few years ago due to time constraints.

Conformity of Standards

The level of education is typically no different than that which would be given in a classroom situation. Your materials and the areas in which you are tested are similar and the laws of your state determine the content and skills that you must master. The disciplines that each student must learn are determined by your universities accrediting body as well as the prerequisites of the state in which you will practice.

While some students have concerns about the kinds of materials they will study and the methods which are used to present the lectures and other materials, there are some wide choices out there in the online university world. Choose the kind of lecture and other materials that you are most comfortable with and from which you take away the greatest amount of knowledge.

Online studies differ widely, depending on where you attend your online health care degree programs Some will offer lectures in downloadable media format, while others will give text only lectures. Select your degree program from those which offer you the best program for your purposes. Make sure that your online health care degree comes from an accredited university and that you are eligible to take your appropriate state board exams.

Getting Education Jobs: How to Become an Educator When You Work in Another Field

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The education industry is desperate for intelligent individuals with a desire to provide our youth with the education that they need. If you are one of these people, but you have spent your career in another field, you can still become an educator in the very near future. Here is how:

Prepare to Take Tests

Education jobs require that you prove your competency both as an educator and in your subject matter; this is why school districts have pre-certification requirements, mostly in the form of tests. Find out what is included in the tests and study that information.

Also, while you may have heard that some schools pay for the tests and most take care of certification, you shouldn't bank on it; policies change every year, and not all schools will help you at all.

Show Schools Your Commitment for Education

To be an educator, you must have dedication. Showing this dedication will go a long way towards getting education jobs. Here are a few ways that you can both show your commitment and network with the education community:

  • Volunteer at local education events (exposes you to the education community at large)
  • Become a substitute teacher (helps to build your reputation in the classroom)
  • Tutor (gives you something to add to your education resume and potential references from parents)

If You Are a Male, Let Schools Know

In western society, male grade school teachers are a rarity. In many cases, this leaves male students without a positive male role model to influence them throughout the school day. Knowing this, schools work diligently to find male educators to fill that gap, but men simply don't apply to education jobs in enough volume. That is why any male applicants should make an effort to ensure that the school is aware of your gender--especially if you have a unisex name.

However, you should not be so brazen as to list your gender on any application materials that do not request them. Instead, use a paragraph in your cover letter to explain how you are moving into an education career to become a male influence for students.

Rework Your Resume

Your education resume should be much different from your current resume. To rework it into a resume befitting a future educator, you will need to analyze each point of experience and write it in a manner that shows how it will help you in the classroom.

For instance, if you trained incoming employees in group settings, you could say, "Taught other employees in a classroom environment."

As with any other profession, a great resume will go far in helping you to land education jobs.

Sign up for Job Sites

Schools want the best talent that they can find; as such, many education jobs can be found online. Many job sites keep a narrow focus on what type of jobs that they post.

Consider an Intensive Teacher Preparation Program

These programs give you intensive weeks long classroom preparation, and then they help you obtain certification and education jobs. Don't worry about being qualified; these programs are specifically for professionals moving into education.

However, while they do help, these programs are not a necessity for finding education jobs. Also, be aware that they often require you to sign a multi-year contract in exchange for their help and you don't always have a choice with regards to where you teach.

Now It's Time to Prepare to Teach

Those future education jobs are right around the corner; all you have to do is take these steps and go get them.

Is Our Electorate Educated Enough to Vote for the Right Politicians - Are There Any?

Monday, July 21, 2014

We seem to have far too many politicians who are moving our nation in the wrong direction, and far too many that have done questionable acts, which we learn about after a tip or a lengthy investigation. Why? Is it our fault for voting them into office, are we smart enough to see through the political rhetoric and do proper research prior to voting? Not long ago, an acquaintance reminded me of a famous quote, "The best republic is an educated one," and he noted; "How many people that vote did their research?"

Indeed, great question and great comments, but today most people's idea of research is watching the news, staged debates, a few speeches and suddenly they think they've done their research and they are ready to run out and vote for someone who just made up things and told people what they wanted to hear - pure political trickery.

You see, folks read the newspaper, watch TV, listen to sound bites, and text their friends and think they are somehow educated to vote, but in reality they've been conditioned to accept that as reality, when it is nothing more than "last liar wins" and "he with the most advertising and TV commercials wins" and that is a problem. In that case we may as well allow all the Media Moguls to sit around a table and decide who they want to lead the nation, because he who controls the media controls the minds of the people.

The Internet and social media is having everyone believe that they can vote away any adversity, including hard work, personal responsibility, etc. and they demand things using mob mentality. Any politician who wants to be elected has to become a podium pushing promiser to get elected, but in trying to deliver on those promises pushes our nation into a worsened situation; financially and leading to less responsibility from the citizenry - again, unacceptable.

Yes, the old adage is correct; "The Republic really is stronger when the electorate is educated," question is what do people consider education, and what sort of research are they really doing before they caste their votes? Inquiring minds want to know.


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